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        There are many types of electrolytic capacitors. Even if the electrolytic capacitors with the same appearance, their voltage and capacity may be different, and the places and uses used are also greatly different. Shandong Hongbao Electronics always insists on conducting secondary detection before leaving the warehouse to ensure the quality of electrolytic capacitors. The detection process of electrolytic capacitor includes:



        QC test bench, it is required that the electrolytic capacitor must be tested before delivery, and the qualified product can only meet the following standards. The test voltage shall not be less than 1.3 times of rated voltage, and the capacity shall be within ± 20%. If the test voltage fails to meet the above standards, shipment is not allowed! If the customer's goods are not inspected according to the requirements, the warehouse quality inspector shall bear the loss.


        Capacitance voltage detection: the voltage detection before storage and delivery should be strictly controlled at 1.3 times of the rated voltage.


        Capacitance capacity test: the capacity test before storage and delivery shall be strictly controlled within ± 20%, and the products shall not be delivered if they are not up to standard.


        Warehouse warehousing inspection: sampling inspection before warehousing and monthly inventory routine inspection are a scenic spot of jinmaoyuan to ensure that the product quality can meet customer requirements.


        Electrolytic capacitor is a kind of wear and tear equipment. If it is placed for a long time, it will lead to discharge and leakage. The strict inspection before delivery is not only responsible for the customers, but also the guarantee of product quality. Shandong Hongbao electronic always adheres to the interests of customers as the criterion to ensure that the quality of each electronic component out of the warehouse reaches the standard and better serves the majority of enterprise users.

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