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      電解電容選型 | 三和電容在電表行業的應用
      作者:hongbao 來源:http://www.gotlovewilltravel.com 日期:2023-05-29 10:55 瀏覽


        SAMWHA Capacitor's products are specialized in capacitors used in the electricity meter industry, mainly customized and developed based on the characteristics of the electricity meter circuit and the application environment of the electricity meter. It has been used in various well-known electricity meter enterprises for many years, with stable performance and accurate measurement.


        Today, I would like to share with you what series of Sanhe electrolytic capacitor are commonly used in the ammeter industry? What are the characteristics of each?




        We all know that the main functions of capacitance in the circuit are: filtering, bypass, coordination, coupling, charging and discharging, etc. The application of Aluminium electrolytic capacitor in the ammeter industry is mainly based on filtering. To select a electrolytic capacitor suitable for the ammeter industry, it must have the following characteristics:


        The first characteristic is: long lifespan, with a service life of 5000 to 10000 hours at 105 ℃. For example, the WF series ML series can meet the requirements of

        第2個特點是:寬溫度范圍,東北地區溫度較低,即使是在-40℃ -55℃ 都能正常運行;比如RD系列

        The second characteristic is: a wide temperature range, with lower temperatures in the Northeast region, which can operate normally even at -40 ℃ -55 ℃; For example, the RD series

        第3個特點是:高頻低阻抗,是為了保證電表能夠平穩的運行且功耗低。比如WL系列ML WF系列

        The third characteristic is: high frequency and low impedance, which is to ensure that the meter can operate smoothly and have low power consumption. For example, WL series ML WF series


        The third characteristic is: high ripple, long lifespan, and high voltage resistance, such as the MT series, with a lifespan of over 16 years


        Nowadays, the electricity meter industry has increasingly high requirements for various performances of electrolytic capacitor. Our company has long provided high-quality electronic components for many domestic electricity meter manufacturers, and the product quality can fully meet the performance needs of electricity meters. If you are worried about the selection of electrolytic capacitor, you are welcome to call us at any time!

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